10 Reasons EVERYONE Should Own A Watch – UGWC

So, my beloved youtuber Tristano of the Urban Gentry come up with the 10 Reasons EVERYONE Should Own A Watch.

As always, the governor is able to convey his message in a very vibrant way. Definitely one of my top youtuber of all time on watches. Anyway, here’s the video:

In the video, the governor talked about the top 10 Reasons where i wish every single being i met without a watch on their wrist should relate to.

  1. The link to the history of Horology and civilization. – As a person who believe in learning, this is something to kill time and enhance ourself. It is also a great conversational topic (off course, if you talk to the right person)
  2. The importance of measuring time and how it unites us all. – Just saying, a person who wear a watch does not necessary respect the time and be on time. So being able to measure the time easily just with a glance at a wrist is useful. And i really love how governor talked about the part where time unite us. In fact, i will not hesitate to pay premium just to save some time and have more rest, that’s just me.
  3. The refinement in understanding and learning about horology. – Same as 1, it’s just insightful and great knowledge to have.
  4. The culture, hobby and community of collecting watches. – Such a wonderful and positive hobby, it is a great hobby for almost everyone who can relate to start with. There is no barrier of entry as owning a respectable timepiece can start with as little as USD100.
  5. The tradition of owning, inheriting and passing down a timepiece. – Well, this is definitely true, i dont owned a Patek Philippe, but that does not stop me from passing down my Stowa one day. It will be a really great momento for everyone.
  6. The dependable practicality and functionality of a trusted technology. – While it is not as accurate as its quartz counterpart of comparing with the phone, seriously, very little care needed for the watches, and with a manual or automatic, it can practically last a decades without any service required, Where else, with a quartz, you will need to get the battery replace anytime soon.
  7. The investment potential of buying the right watches. Buying the right watch is very important here. Much like cars, many watches value instantly drop after purchase. Buying the right watch itself is a skill set that a watch collector need to learn over time. Be it buying preowned or new. (Dear Stowa, i am banking on you to maintain or increase in value, haha)
  8. The enhancement of ones personal style and complimenting and outfit. – ok i’m no fashion guru, but i match my watch to my attire all the time, no harm to put a little more effort in having your own swag.
  9. A great way to start a conversation and meet people. – I have a few great conversation where people asking about my watch. It goes both ways, sometimes, its me praising others on their taste. Imagine the group is talking about watches and you knew nothing about them…
  10. Marking special occasions, events and associated memories withe watches. – This is really great, as it can be a promotion, first born child, graduation or other justifiable occasions, so much so, WIS often misused this to buy many watches. Oh, its a rainy day, but a watch; oh, its Independent day, lets buy a watch.

Well, thats it. I promised to update more often. Pretty busy with real life commitment.

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*Photos credit courtesy of the respective brands and owner.


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