Potential new Collection?

So i have been looking at a lot of brands, originally started at brands much like Stowa, but really cannot find any other interesting brands that speak to me in the way that how Stowa attached to me. I wanted to find a watch brands where i can buy into a collection and not a single watch.

I know that i do not want to have a watch collection that are too similar with my current collection of Stowa (10+ and counting at the moment). I do not want a watch collection that are too fliger’ish but still having that military and underdog vibe. I always told myself. Watch collecting is like buying stocks and shares, where we are perhaps buying the value of the watch with hope that one day we will see the brand grow into something great. Not mainly for the gain and monetary appreciation, but also for the pure satisfaction for making the right call.


So, after minusing almost all military or flieger’ish German brands (ie: Archimede, Laco) and excluding brands that i don’t really like (ie: IWC, Nomos), i stumbled upon Zenith. Well, this is not the first time i am drolling on a Zenith watch. Back in my March update on Baselworld 2017 (See here), i have spoken on Zenith really caught my attention with the Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph and the Zenith Heritage Cronometro Tipo CP-2m which is very cool.

While i believe the brand is kind of out of my league at the moment, i see them as the next level of the watch collecting game. It’s like playing the game of RPG (role playing game) and you continuously upgrade and build on your strength or play styles.

The one watch that really propelled my choice is…. unsurprisingly a blue watch from Zenith….. Zenith Heritage 146, Chronomaster which announced this year at Baselworld. The video review by Watchuseek really (turn me on?) gave me goosebumps. It is so modern yet so klassik in its design. Its a chronograph but yet so futuristic. Not helping that it is blue sunray dial and people who know me well, knew that i am a sucker for these blue thing.


It is a 38mm Chronograph, should be a good fit with my 7 inch wrist. It comes with a 36,000 VpH El Primero 4069 Automatic movement, which sounds very sexy to start with. Not going to go technical about it (not my forte).

The watch also comes in brown dial, but blue hands down more interesting.

The watch brand now under the new CEO Julien Tornare should give the brand sone fresh bump. Off course, Jean-Claude Biver seems to know his stuff.

Off course, the counter argument to me buying a chrono will be, do i really need a chrono? But if its blue dial, why not?

If you live the watch, do check out the watch at Zenith website: here

That’s it

Well, thats it for today. I promised to update more often. Pretty busy with real life commitment.

If you havent follow me at my instagram, i post pictures of my watches on almost daily basis. Please do so at: www.instagram.com/hidden830726

Also, if you are not aware, i have founded a Stowaristi Facebook Page, originally aim to raise awareness of Stowa in where i live – Malaysia, i will feature some watch related news and links where i will occasionally share. Stowaristi Facebook Page

Finally, if you are interested in Stowa, please check out Stowa official forum at watchuseek. We have an open and dedicated Stowa lover and will look forward to see like minded owners or potential Stowa owners. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f36/

Feel free to ask your query at watchuseek forum, or you may channel your query to me at my facebook / instagram or this site.

*Photos credit courtesy of Zenith


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