Lovely – April till Mid May 2017 Update

Hello! An overdue update by me? Well, that’s not something new.

Wanted to give another update to my current horology status.

It has been a superb month, here’s the bullet point update as at 19 May 2017:

  • No new watch purchase from April till now.
  • Will stick to the Marine Automatik Blue Limited Edition. Decided to go Brushed / Matt with no date.
  • Decided against getting any Flieger 90th anniversary watch still.
  • Received two new Colareb strap, one for my Stowa Exima (18mm) and another for my Stowa Flieger B (20mm) Photo soon.


  • Received my Wolf stackable 12 x 2 Watch box, simply amazing box. Elegant and useful. I can see how it saves me space instead of having 2 watch boxes


  • Bought a new camera and lenses to refresh my arsenal to maybe land some shooting job in the near future to cover some watch expenses.


  • Stowa actually announced their Durowe 7440. I am actually very very tempted to grab a Marine Original Roman Numeral with Silver dial and Durowe 7440 movement. But that can wait, i have plenty more bills to pay and not enough coins to share. (Durowe 7440 pic by Stowa)

“Durowe 7440 movement. We also own the old Durowe brand, one of the biggest former movement producer in Germany. This is our new movement we have designed. Size like Unitas 6498, some of the parts are from Unitas 6498, the bridges are new designed and produced by STOWA”. “We can put this movement into all watches with Unitas 6498 movement: Antea KS 41, Flieger Unitas, Marine Original”.


That’s it

This wrap up my update for April and Mid May 17. Well, thats it for today. I promised to update more often. Pretty busy with real life commitment.

If you havent follow me at my instagram, i post pictures of my watches on almost daily basis. Please do so at:

Also, if you are not aware, i have founded a Stowaristi Facebook Page, originally aim to raise awareness of Stowa in where i live – Malaysia, i will feature some watch related news and links where i will occasionally share. Stowaristi Facebook Page

Finally, if you are interested in Stowa, please check out Stowa official forum at watchuseek. We have an open and dedicated Stowa lover and will look forward to see like minded owners or potential Stowa owners.

Feel free to ask your query at watchuseek forum, or you may channel your query to me at my facebook / instagram or this site.


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