GTG Malaysia Watch Forum (MWF) with Bhanu Chopra

Its been a very busy month for me, especially in work. So its definitely a pleasure to be given a chance to organise a small watch gathering locally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I was first contacted by Mr Bhanu Chopra, a good friend of Stowa, also the Senior Editor of Watchuseek forum as well as the founder of Juvo Luxury, that he will visit Kuala Lumpur (KL) for a business trip. Off course I want to take the chance to meet up with him. The plan is to have a Malaysia Watch Forum gathering in conjunction with Bhanu visit to KL.

Fast forward a month later, he is here in Malaysia, in person, freshly after Baselworld.

I am not going to bore you with the details of the gathering. Maybe next time.

I am just going to post some pics and done with it for now.

The Stowa(s) – Bhanu also brought along his marvelous Stowa collections, which include the impressive FOLE. (From top: Schauer Edition 10?, FOLE, Flieger Blue, Bottom Right: MOBLE), while i have my Seatime in the Bottom Left and MOBLE on my wrist. I have also brought along Stowa catalogue for viewing. Who knows, we may get another Stowa buyer / fans.

Welcome gift courtesy of Stowa

On serious Topic

On funny Stuff, which include topics that i cannot share with you

Mandatory Watch shot :thumbsup:

Group Photo

Thank you all for the participation. As usual, i learned a lot in this kind of gathering. When all the masters talked and shared their experience and views, its hard to not pick up a poison or two.  That’s it from me. Its a tiring day, just to have a quick post on the event. Lovely. Enjoy collecting watches definitely.

*I want to also say Thank you to Traders Hotel, GBCC and their staffs for accommodating the event.


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