Lovely – March 2017 Update

Hello! An overdue update by me? Well, that’s not something new.

It has been a superb month, with Baselworld 2017 and plenty of watches. Will make a brief post with bullet point updated as at 01 April 2017 for easy reading:

  • No new watch purchase in March 2017.
  • Will stick to the Marine Automatik Blue Limited Edition. But undecided whether to take Brushed or Polished case for now.
  • Decided against getting any Flieger 90th anniversary watch for now.
  • Finally ordered two new Colareb strap, one for my Stowa Exima (18mm) and another for my Stowa Flieger B (20mm) (Photo credit to Colareb)
  • Also, finally bite the bullet to buy a new Wolf Watch box since the current one is maxing soon. Decided to get one that is stackable. Decided to buy from the local dealer – Cortinawatch, but unfortunately there’s a waiting time of 3-4 weeks. Will update once i get hold of the beauty. (Photo credit to Wolf)


  • Planing a watch gathering at local Kuala Lumpur on 23 April 2017 to meet up with Bhanu Chopra, senior editor of Watchuseek and the owner Juvo luxury. Also, will hope to take the opportunities to meet up with the members of malaysiawatchforum. Will definitely update on the event, hopefully with plenty of pictures and fun.

Baselworld 2017

Which watch give me the most impression?

I would say definitely is the Funniest Watch of Baselworld 2017 from Russian – “Joker” by Konstantin Chaykin.


This is a really a wtf watch from me, but tend to like it alot. It is a watch that i would instantly pay for it (only if i have the budget). It cost US$7550 for an one of a kind watch. (Photo credit Konstantin Chaykin)

What is the watch that i will buy if given the budget?

It’s a tough one, the Omega 1957 Speedmaster, Seamaster, & Railmaster ‘Trilogy’ is superb cool as a collection and i think Omega really understand the collector game and i wish more watch company will release watches as a collection. A Blackforest trilogy from Stowa? (Photo credit ABTW)


Another series of watches that really caught my attention is the Zenith:

  • I like the Zenith Heritage Pilot Extra Special Chronograph, but its too big for my wrist.
  • The Zenith Heritage Cronometro Tipo CP-2 is particularly cool and will definitely buy one if i have the budget (Photo credit ABTW)


Lastly, we cant really end the topic without talking about Longines this year.

  • Not a big fan of the Longines Conquest VHP series, but understand the need for Longines to offer them.
  • Loving the Longines Heritage 1945 (pic as below, courtesy of Longines) and will buy if got budget. Prefer this over the Longines Flagship Heritage 60th Anniversary, as i deem the later is too busy on the dial.


What about Stowa at Baselworld 2017?

To be fair, i am slightly disappointed by Stowa showing this year, the 90th anniversary did not create enough buzz. It would be better if Stowa releases a flieger and maybe a MABLE (Marine Automatik Blue Limited Edition) as limited edition, instead of series of Flieger LE. Less is more and i am a bit puzzle by Stowa strategy. Nevertheless, i love what i saw, be it the MABLE and Flieger with Old Radium Lume. If only i have extra budget then i can maybe (just maybe) squeeze in another Flieger 90th anniversary in the shipping. (Pic credit: watchcolony)


That’s it

This wrap up my update for March 17. Pretty busy with real life commitment. Good news is, finally getting a promotion and hopefully can channel more funds for the hobby. Busy as always, i will sign off here.

If you havent follow me at my instagram, i post pictures of my watches on almost daily basis. Please do so at:

Also, if you are not aware, i have founded a Stowaristi Facebook Page, originally aim to raise awareness of Stowa in where i live – Malaysia, i will feature some weekly updates of pictures from my instagram + some watch related news and links where i will occasionally share. Stowaristi Facebook Page

Finally, if you are interested in Stowa, please check out Stowa official forum at watchuseek. We have an open and dedicated Stowa lover and will look forward to see like minded owners or potential Stowa owners.

Feel free to ask your query at watchuseek forum, or you may channel your query to me at my facebook / instagram or this site.


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