Stowa Seatime Blue Bezel Arrived

Finally it arrived!!! Can’t contain my exitement.

After some hiatus, my Stowa Seatime Blue Bezel finally arrived. I am really really happy with the arrival.

In case you lost count, this is my 10th Stowa and mark a milestone to my Stowa collection, plus i purchase this watch from the 10th days of Stowa Advent Calendar event. (Check out here if you want to read more about the decision behind the purchase:

The 1st used of this Parker Jotter is to sign the received of this baby.

So i have to get my local watch master to fix the strap for me, i am just too unskill to get it done myself.

Here are some additional pics

Blue Family

EDC Handdump

Overall, i am very happy with the watch. The size is just nice (All the previous worried that it will be oversize on my wrist is unnecessary). More love for this Baby for now.


6 thoughts on “Stowa Seatime Blue Bezel Arrived

      1. Thanks so much. I figured that was the case.

        Now – I’m trying to decide between the T01 original – and the T02 Sport — they look pretty much the same — other than the bezel and the colored second hand. I’ve sent them a note asking if I could get the Sport with a similar face as the T01 – I like the very subtle logo!

        I love your GMT — and T01!

  1. If it’s my call. Get the TO1. Here’s why:

    1) to1 with Testaf cert, although To2 sport build with the same spec. It’s not officially with the cert.

    2) Stowa should allow u to buy additional bezel unless they are low in stock. If u keen u can swap those bezel.

    3) While the color second hand is nice, sometimes it’s too flashy. That’s the experience I have with my GMT.

    4) not like we ever need it, but in case u need to sell them to raise cash, I figure TO1 sell better.

    Overall, TO1 is really subtle and handsome. It’s not your normal type of flieger but really lovable.

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