Stowa Marine Automatik Blue Durowe

As part of Stowa 90 anniversary celebration, Stowa have announced a series of Limited Edition watches, mainly with their Flieger line and an one of its kind Marine Blue with Durowe Movement.

Stowa announced their Flieger will be available with Old radium lume and engraving at both casing and rotor to mark the occasions. Variant from 36mm to 40mm, Klassik and Sport series with auto, handwind and chrono variant. To me, it is too overwhelm, and i simply believe Stowa pull too many rabbit out of their hat at one go this time round. They should just limit the variant to a few instead.

Well, the star of the announcement to me is the Stowa Marine Automatik Blue with the DUROWE 7526-4 automatic movement.

Anniversary model 90 years STOWA and 250 years Pforzheim. Marine.

This year the jewelery and watch industry Pforzheim is celebrating its 250th anniversary!

STOWA and Jörg Schauer have thought of something special:

Based on our successful Blue Limited series, we will be launching a Blue Limited Blue Limited.

With a collectible DUROWE movement from the seventies!

Established in 1933, DUROWE GmbH was one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical clocks. The brand has been part of STOWA for many years. Jörg Schauer as a brand owner takes care of maintaining the good name and tradition. From time-honored historical movements, he always builds special watches. On the occasion of the anniversary of the Pforzheimer tradition industry, a series of 250 watches with the automatic caliber DUROWE 7526-4 will be launched ollectively.

Introducing Marine Blue Limited

Marine automatic Blue, 40 mm case, matt or polished, automatic, collectible movement Durowe 7526-4: 250 pieces (EURO 1.180.-)

Delivery dates from May / June 2017

What are you waiting for?


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