Year End 2016 Stowa Pictorial

2016 come to an end soon, much like last year, i wanted to take the chance to celebrate / snapshot my Stowa for year 2016. Coupled with my Sony A6000 with a Macro Lens, here’s the amateur result as below.

Its a stunning year, i picked up additional 2 more Stowa this year, making it a total of 9 at the moment. Its a very fruitful journey where i continue to learn and celebrate fine timepiece from Stowa.

1st up, the 1st purchase this year is the Stowa Flieger Watchtime “Blue” Limited Edition.

I have abit of a love hate relationship with this watch. I love the Sunburst dial alot. Under the sun, it is probably one of the coolest watch that Stowa have produced. Coupled with the onion crown, it gives that vintage edge, with some noble (prince) flair. Sorry IWC, if given the funds, i will choose this over Le Petit Price at any time.

The 2nd purchase this year is the Stowa Marine Original “Blue” Limited Edition. (Codename: MOBLE)

“Class” is the first word i have in mind when i handle it. The dial is in dark blue (really difficult to capture the blue) and really love the hands. A bit unfortunate that the watch did not come with an onion crown (Onion crown ftw).

This is probably Stowa’s highlight of the year. Forget all the variant and release this year. MOBLE is the highlight release of the year. Off course the second contender i would say is the Stowa Prodiver Blue Limited Edition. Its a pretty Blue year for Stowa overall in 2016.

Without counting in the TO1, here’s the 5 Flieger. (from left, B dial, Original Unitas, Black Forest LE, Watchtime Blue LE, No logo No date

The Balance four. (from left, Exima, GMT, TO1, MOBLE)

A few more closeup of the watches (GMT, Black Forest LE, TO1, Exima):

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Thank you for reading.

Also, if you are reading this and not yet follow the Stowaristi club at facebook, please follow and subscribe here:

You can also take a look at the Year End Pictorial for 2015 at here:


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