Stowa Seatime black – Blue Bezel

So, i have my last post about my undecided about the 42mm Prodiver. Now i am going to tell you that i just bite the bullet on the 42mm Seatime. Here’s what happened:

There is this person with ID Brad at watchuseek forum, he is one of the cool moderator there and he used to own a Stowa Seatime with Blue Bezel. Back in the days, Stowa no longer issue Seatime with Blue Bezel. I digged at the watch and really like the looks of the blue. The blue, dark ocean blue.. compliment the Seatime dial so well… Well. I love it back then, but cant seems to get one new, and when Brad decided to sell it, by the time i known about it, its already sold.

Throughout my Stowa collection journey, i have been looking at Seatime / Prodiver for quite awhile. Mostly favoring the red/orange hands version, while secretly wanted a Blue Bezel, well at least its rooted in my mind.

Stowa have this AdventCalender every year, and to me, its pretty difficult to put my sight on any of the offering since my budget is limited and i find it hard to add and complement my current collection.

This is until Stowa have the following offering on the 10th days of Adventcalender:

You may have guessed it by now since its already mentioned in the subject, yes. A blue bezel Seatime. Before this. I am not even aware that they have started selling Blue Bezel Seatime again. A quick search at Stowa site suggest to me that they are now selling new for EUR 966. I am not sure whether the run are limited or its going to be permanent. But anyhow i am very very surprise and glad that i can finally get my hand on a blue bezel.

The decision making is pretty fast. The adventcalender version (exhibition watch) will cost EUR 821. Being a person who care less about battle damage (scratches / dings). Its a pretty neat price. Furthermore, getting my 10th Stowa on the 10th days of Adventcalender seems like God sent.

So i quickly add the watch to my cart, i delayed a bit when i am trying to log in, but i did finally able to get a confirmation email from Stowa on the purchase. Being a significant purchase (10th Stowa on 10th adventcalender). I am not sure if its done or its only consider reserve until i paid (in previous adventcalender purchase, i paid only afterwards), When i refresh the site and saw the watch (blue bezel) is still there, i frantically proceed to pay via paypal to Stowa. I sent them a follow up email to correct my address (it said India, but it should be Malaysia), also, informed them about my payment and instruction to hold with the delivery as i may have more purchase.

Long story short. I found the watch for my number 10th Stowa, i get confirmation email, paid for the watch, but the website still show the watch as available. Well, it may be due to my cache on my laptop, anyhow, i,ll just wait for reply from Stowa. If its destined to be mine, then its mine. Oh, remember in the start of this post i mentioned about how i decided not to buy the Prodiver Blue LE due to my undecided about 42mm case on my wrist, hell, this time round, who cares if the feel is right.

*Picture credit to Stowa


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