Stowa Prodiver Blue Limited

So, for update, just to recap, i am currently on my 9th Stowa and eager to add my No 10th Stowa when it feel right.

Stowa announced the Prodiver Blue LE not so long ago and i have to admit, it is pretty cool but i am quite undecided about this one. For me, its not a love at first sight. Unlike the Flieger “Blue” LE, where i am not so fond of in the early days (due to the date on dial), but eventually i bite the bullet and love it very much after some time. At least, Stowa flieger is known to me, the case is the same as my other flirger and i have less worried about it being oversize on my wrist as compare with the Prodiver.

The Prodiver 42mm however, really makes me undecided after looking at some of the wrist shots on 7inch wrist. The oval case + lugs seems a bit long for me. Its also not like the TO1 or GMT where the lugs curved and properly fit my 7inch wrist.

I did sent email to Stowa asking for numbers, and my single digit preference number  was reserved for me. But ya, i did what is right for now, and decided against the purchase. The feel is not right for this one. Hope i wont regret few years down the road with my decision. The new bracelet is sexy tho.

Pictures credit to Stowa.


3 thoughts on “Stowa Prodiver Blue Limited

  1. Hi there! I am thinking of joining the Stowa family with this watch. 🙂 May I know if that single digit number still reserved? If it is, would you mind passing it on? Thank you for your attention!

    1. Hey. U have to email stowa to check. I see it us still available. But stowa no longer show remaining number. Alternatively if u don’t mind preowned, u should check out

      All the best

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