Stowa “Blue” Collection

I am still digesting all the Baselworld 2016 announcement, but really cannot wait to post this. With the (Instagram) announcement of the up-coming Stowa Marine Original “Blue” LE, to my knowledge, it is the fourth blue watch by Stowa in recent years (inclusive of the Blue dial Seatime, which is no longer available)

The only blue dial watch that is available at Stowa Store at this moment is the “Antea back to bauhaus blue”.

Stowa Seatime Blue
Stowa Antea back to bauhaus blue
Stowa Flieger “Watchtime” LE
Stowa Marine Original “Blue” LE

As you can see from the above…. there is a trend…..

Seatime -> Antea -> Flieger -> Marine -> ????

Chrono Blue? Partitio Blue? Prodiver Blue?

Or a re-issue Seatime Blue?

Also, It would be awesome to own all the blue dial from a collection perspective….

Edit: Please correct me if i miss out any blue dial.

You may also check out Mike’s thread about the MO BLue

Coming soon: Stowa Marine Original Blue Limited

I will write my opinion on he new Marine Original Blue LE once more details available.

*All pictures in this thread is owned by its respective owner



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