Watch Talk – Mido Baroncelli Heritage

When 2/3 of the holy watch blog trinity featured the watch at the same time, its either they are getting paid to do so, or it is awesomely good. Either way, lets have a look at “Mido Baroncelli Heritage”

According to Hodinkee and Wornandwound, the watch is pending to be announced in the coming Baselworld 2016.

Mido is not a brand that i am very familiar until today. Admittedly i am aware of the brand and its reputation, especially at WUS, but seeing the reviews and marketing photos of the Mido Baroncelli Heritage really capture my attention. Let’s hope that the real watch is as impressive.

Under the conglomerate Swatch group, Mido is being coined as the secret of WUS, always being low profile and secretly the favorite of watch enthusiast. I look at the catalogue and yes, i am attracted to many of its model. So i told myself, this is awesome….

Now, lets go back to the Baroncelli Heritage, Hodinkee said it will comes in a 39 and 33mm dial, while Wornandwound revealed that it will comes in 42mm case. To me, 39mm is just nice and 33mm is probably cater for the small wrist / ladies.

It comes in either stainless steel case with black dial and rose gold case with cream dial. Although classy, but i will never wear the rose goal case, black is much more handsome. It comes in a white date wheel at 3 o clock, powered by an ETA 2892A2 movement. The marketing pictures on both articles do not show the case back of the watch, but i would assume it comes with an elaborate movement.

Regards to the date window, i think it looks ok at 3 o clock and i wouldn’t mind if it is not at 6 o clock. We do learn that the watch is thin, only 6.95mm, fascinating.

With Hodinkee calling it a “value proposition” i totally agreed. It look awesome (in black).

So, what’s my Verdict? I,ll based my verdict on the 39mm

Case: 4/5 – SEXY! and thin!

Dial: 4/5- Legit, and minimalist.

Movement: 3.5/5 – cant go wrong with ETA 2892A2 , i prefer this to ETA 2824 hands down.

Price: 4/5 – If it is selling at $1220 as stated, it is a steal.

X Factor: 4/5 – Love at first sight

Total: 19/25 = 78%

Will i buy: Yes. I will want to try this on my wrist before making decision.

*All pictures in this thread is owned by its respective owner

You can check out the two awesome articles from Hodinkee & Wornandwound



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