Watch Talk – Date or No Date

This is a frequent debate about WIS and a recent thread in WUS Stowa forum as well as article in ABTW prompted me to re-think. Do i really need a date window on my watch dial?

For starter, out of my stowa, only the recent Flieger “Blue” watchtime edition with a date window at 6 o clock. I actually opted to have my Stowa Flieger to be without Logo and date so that it resemble the Flieger classic. Why not?

Taking Stowa as example, the Flieger with or without date essentially cost the same. No additional cost required. This is agreed by el_beelo of WUS, quoted:

For me, definitely the Date complication. It is very useful to me in terms of functionality, and I don’t mind the look, usually as long as the date wheel color matches the dial color (which I believe is the case with the Stowa Flieger).

Which i totally agreed, one of the frequent mistake is for watch company to use a date wheel color  without matching the dial. This is thoroughly explained and well illustrated in ABTW article titled: Explaining Design Problems With Date Displays On Watches, hence i will not go in depth on example.

Again taking Stowa Flieger as example, one important point i learned is, even if i don’t favor the date on the dial, i can always set the date to 6 in order to match the time.

My point of view is: Buy what u like, visually.

Date or no date is all depending on “you”.

It depends on the person preference, not everyone rely the watch to check out the date. For some, they will only look at the watch dial if they need the time, most people will know the date already especially if u received email or checked the phone earlier. If really needed to know the date date, one can go to their phone or calendar.

One more reason to go for the no date is because, it doesn’t require you to set the date every time you swap / rotate a watch in the morning.

Assuming you change 3 watch a week, besides time setting, every date set takes you 10 sec, then it is 30 sec of precious morning time wasted a week.

So, what about you? Do you agreed with me?

Sorry for the super short post, as i really wanted to jot down my thoughts and thats the purpose of the blog anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Talk – Date or No Date

  1. I’m not a so called “purist” (maybe a little), but the color and position of date window truly ruins many watches, but I find Stowa watches has done their date watches very well, not only the date wheel color but also the position of the dial, in fact it blends in so well that you won’t even notice there’s one from distance.

    1. Haga. Never thought that someone will actually read my stuff. Totally agreed with u that it Stowa did it quite well. And intact, I am quite used to my Stowa with date these days. Just sometimes I’m just too lazy to set the date…

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