Watch Talk – Botta-Design

Ok, i have to admit, i love minimalist watch. I have a bit of soft spot for Defakto watch. On the other hand, i love Meistersinger one hander, i believe they are cool, but just dont have a design that i steal my heart yet.

So if you combine minimalist and one hander, then you get Botta Design

I have to admit, i never heard of the brand prior to Ablogtowatch blogpost on them. But the force is strong with this brand. It really hit me hard. So, Botta do have some history and being started in 1986, then took over its own watch sales since 2000.

Botta-Design has been designing and creating wristwatches for clients like Junghans AG, Bestform and Watch People since 1986. During this time models such as the Junghans-Solar-1, the UNO, the TRES series and others were produced – and some of them still enjoy market success to this day. In the year 2000, Botta-Design itself took over sales of its watch collection, since which time it has been continuously expanding the product range.

And alot of award winning too.

Botta-Design has already received 56 renowned design awards, both in Germany and abroad. Some of the Botta-Designwatches became design icons and are exhibited in museums like the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design or the Museum für angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Art) in Frankfurt.

So, what i like? Let see – UNO ALPIN

Its a 42mm, 2824-2, stainless steel casing watch. A lovely minimalist one hander, just like how i like it. It is just slightly below 10mm thin, and and mere 60gram. It look just nice for my wrist. Wait…. there is no lug for this watch. usually 40mm/48mm lug to lug will be comfortable on my wrist.. but now i am not sure….

Ok, it seems they have UNO+ ALPIN

Its 44mm, same movement as the 42mm, same everything except:

  • 2mm bigger in dial
  • 1mm thinner in height
  • 15grab heavier
  • 3-part fully-screwed stainless steel case instead of stainless steel case (to be frank i am not sure exactly what it is, but lets see the case, it looks gorgeous)
  • And 200 EUR more expensive.

Now, it really make me think, is it really worth the extra money pay? 200 EUR is quite significant increase. But it seems 44mm will fit 7 inch wrist slightly better. I have to admit, the 44mm casing and caseback is quite sexy to look at, the curve.. is delicious.

By the way, the 44mm show a bullet steel packaging, awesome. Not really sure if this is also available for 42mm tho.

Ah, its really nice, i need to find more info about the UNO. So far prefer the + version more. But the extra $ is going to be hard to stomached.

So, what’s my Verdict? I,ll based my verdict on the 44mm

Case: 4/5 – SEXY! really really sexy!

Dial: 4/5- Legit, and minimalist.

Movement: 3/5 – wouldn’t go wrong with 2824-2, nothing special.

Price: 2/5 – It is slightly steep, but after looking at the picture, I am not sure about the price, especially against the 40mm version.

X Factor: 4/5 – Love at first sight

Total: 17/25 = 68%

Will i buy: Yes. Let me source for the funds, need to check around how 44mm sit on 7inch wrist.

*All pictures in this thread is owned by its respective owner

Edit: found some reviews on the net, and this is what i found:

  • 42mm, the Uno Alpin does not come with the awesome case.
  • From the real life pics of the 42mm, the crown looks too bulky on a slim watch.
  • Ariel view of the 42mm case back is ugly.
  • 42mm looks “huge” on the reviewer 7 3/4 wrist

Will i buy: NO for the 42mm, maybe for the 44mm, again i doubt how the 44mm sit on my 7 inch wrist since 42mm looks huge on 7 3/4 wrist.


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