Watch Talk – Zodiac Sea Wolf 53 Compression

Today, Ablogtowatch featured the Zodiac Sea Wolf 53 Compression.

I have nothing against Fossil and i am actually pretty happy that Fossil choose to bring back the old Zodiac design. Some called it reissue, or inspired or what ever it is, it does look good.

Now, the watch is 40mm, which will fit my wrist very well (my wrist is 7 inch in case you wondering), it is 14mm thick and feature a vintage look.

In fact this is not the first time i have been drooling at this watch. Back when Zodiac announced that they are making a come back in April 2014, i have seen some teaser pics of Sea Wolf. I am particularly in love with the red and green Sea Wolf in the picture… which i believe is the pic of wornandwound. Wait, let me find the pic, ah  here you go (credit to Worn&wound):


Back then, i search high and low about the brand and the watch and later only found out that they are coming back under Fossil, skeptical i am, since Fossil is your typical boutique fashion watch. I am really worried that it will kill such a wonderful brand and heritage.

Now fast forward to May 2015, i really come close to buying them when worn&wound reviewed the Zodiac Seawolf Skin (Dont ask me why it called “Skin”. While the watch is almost perfect to me: perfect case size – 39mm, 13mm thickness, 20ATM and super legit, but i am unsure about the movement. Its a Fossil made, 2824 clone, i am just not comfortable with it.

Forward again to Feb 2016, now, Ablogtowatch reviewed the Seawolf, this time is the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression, it is slightly bigger (1mm) and thicker (1mm) than the “Skin” version. Nothing much change since then. It is powered by a STP (Fossil) 1-11.

Now, the question once again. What make this watch special? Is it the heritage? the beautiful red and green dial? The price?  $1,095 on leather and $1,295 bracelet.

Rant….. it is not available in my country (Malaysia)… hence i have no chance to hands on to make decision…


Case: 3/5 – Beautiful but slightly thick

Dial: 4/5- Legit, and stay true to the heritage

Movement: 3/5 – wouldn’t go wrong with 2824 clone

Price: 3/5 – With the MSRP, it is slightly steep, but after looking at the picture, i believe it worth the price.

X Factor: 4/5 – Love at first sight

Total: 17/25 = 68%

Will i buy: Yes. Only if i have the extra funds.

*All pictures in this thread is owned by its respective owner

You may visit Zodiac at:



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