Watch Talk – U bought a Watch, now on discount, how do you feel?

So, when you bought a watch after it announced, you paid the full price for it. You are very happy.

Then 18 months later, the watch is on 50% sales in limited quantity.

  • How do you feel? Will you tilt hard?
  • Will you buy from the brand again?

While i may be over critical since it is on limited quantity or for certain anniversary or celebrations, I am really against watch company going ham and offer huge discount.

It damage your trust you build with your customer. It may make the bargain hunter happy, you will probably get a short term boast on your sales, but in a long run, potential or existing buyer will be wary of new release and will have a tendency to wait for more discount before making a purchase. It also ask question about the thick margin watch company earning.

It will also portray a negative perception to the brand, is the brand having problem selling their watch? Is the watch company not doing well financially?

I will tilt very hard if, let say, Watch brand CW and JR start offering their watches for 50%, me as an owner will be very sad and felt betrayed. I will distrust the brand for doing so. I may or may not buy from the brand again, but i will have it in mind every time before i make a purchase decision.

So, what do you think?


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