Watch Talk – CW C11 Titanium Extreme 1000 – 50% Off

Christopher Ward (CW), the affordable yet popular Swiss made watch brand from, say Switzerland has been going aggressive lately, offering inhouse movement as well as complications such as pulsometer, worldtimer etc.

It is popular among WIS and value seeker due to its competitive pricing. What amaze always about this brand is how it always offer discounts after discounts and can be even up to 50%.

Usually i will ignore CW newsletter sent to my email, but a thread at WUS prompted me to recheck my mail for the newsletter. Gosh: Its a Half Price Clearance Event with their Selected Models.

So, i have do what all WIS will do, i dive into the avaialble models, and i am not disappointed. This is what i like:

C11 Titanium Extreme 1000 – Pre Order Mid March

This is a menace watch, very metal and unique, i really love the casing, its something i seldom see. And being 50% off the price is really making it tasty –  selling now for £497.50 instead of £995.00, its even cheaper if you are resided in a Non-EC – Price £414.58.

42mm is reasonably size, 14.9 mm height is slightly tall but still wearable, a COSC Sellita Self winding SW200-1, 38hour power reserve, 100 ATM, Anti shock system and Titanium case. This is also a limited edition watch (limited to 1000 pcs worldwide), Screw-down helium release valve and crown will also please diving enthusiast.

For USD 575 (Non VAT). What else to ask?


Case: 4/5 – Beautiful Titanium brush case

Dial: 3/5- Clean dial, but nothing special

Movement: 4/5 – Love handwind, + to be COSC

Price: 5/5 – With the original price, it would be a 3, but with 50% off, it will be a no brainer.

X Factor: 4/5

Total: 20/25 = 80%

Will i buy: Yes. Only if i have the extra funds.

Edit: Its sold out before i even make decision.

Edit2: It come back up and gone again.

*All pictures in this thread is owned by its respective owner.

If you interested to read more about the thread please find the link as below:



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