Watch Talk – Docvail & Janis Trading’s New Sub Homage

Docvail is a veteran of WUS and owner of Lew & Huey micro brand. Only recently he founded Janis Trading and set L&H as a sub brand under Janis Trading’s umbrella.

This Watch Talk is referring to Doc’s decision to release a range of sub homages, eight variations in total, , each to be produced in numbers ranging from 100 to 200 pieces under a new brand name.

The decision to enter the crowded sub homage market is welcome yet unsure by alot of WIS. The sub homage market is crowded with homage of all levels. Forumer jlow28 stated:

While I can’t argue with this point , most all sub homages have their short comings. It’s well documented through the many posts here on WUS. Price, size, QC, design , movement , wait time, etc has yet to declare perfection and cost balance. It will obviously be compared to Armida, Steinhart, Tiger, Kiger, Kemmner, MKII etc. The good news for Doc is that he listens to the good and bad about each sub offering and hopeful he puts it to good use. I’m excited to see how this project turns out and I’m ready to add this one to my collection of fine subs from both Rolex and Tudor.

Which i totally agreed, there is always opportunity around as long as the problem solve problems and fill the demand We should have fate. The decision to have the watch at 40mm really set it apart especially when Steinhart move up their sub homage to 42mm.

Also, the promise of height under 12mm also well received by myself as well as many of the forumer. A slim sub homage is kinda new to the market.

Also, really love this analogy by forumer: Sonic_driftwood:

This is great. Saying the sub homage market is oversaturated is like saying the sandwich market is oversaturated. Everybody’s sandwich has something just slightly different about it, so do all the subs. It’s a matter of whether the whole style appeals or it doesn’t. If it does appeal to you, chances are good you are eying a lot of details that those it doesn’t appeal to are not seeing.

The watches were rumor to feature a Miyota 9015 movement, which to me, is nice, but i would prefer something more upscale like ETA or Sellita movement.

Docvail himself later clarified:

Why a line of Sub homages? Don’t you hate them?

The Sub is arguably the most recognized and desired of all watch designs. I never hated it, in fact I admired it, but with so many homages already out there, I never saw the point in making one. I like to look for something new or different rather than just doing another “me too” design.

Thankfully, I’ve got some persistent friends. They helped me understand what was lacking in existing offerings, and what I could do differently, at a time when I was ready to hear it.

What makes these so different from other Sub homages?

There are so many versions of the sub. Rather than trying to make an exact reproduction of one model (or handful of models), we took a modular approach.

First we designed the case we wanted. Most sub homages are larger and thicker than the originals, many with a blocky shape. We set some aggressive goals – we wanted at least [XX] ATM water resistance, in a case no more than 40mm wide and as thin as we could make it, but with a shape emulating the curves and lines of the original.

Using the case as a foundation, we sought to combine the most iconic design elements in the most aesthetically pleasing ways, creating five vintage and three modern styles.

Each [brand name] model has its own personality, yet they share a common design language – raised and domed sapphire crystals, fully-lumed bezels, big crowns, no crown guards, chamfered case sides, little touches of color, and a no-nonsense case back with minimal decoration.

Besides the case size (40mm), the promise of double digit ATM water resistance is also very welcome to WIS.

Doc also shared with the forumer that most subs are too big, hence he wanted to offer something at the right size at 40mm.

Quite a few of the post of the thread deleted / unapproved by moderator due to violation, i guess people need to take it less serious and be friend. World peace.

So, what do i think?

With my 7 inch wrist, 40mm casing and 48m lug to lug is definitely keeping me interested with the release. The spec reveal so far is pretty convincing, but its going to be tough to get me to part my money.

Let’s wait and see.

*All pictures in this thread is owned by its respective owner.

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