Watch Talk – Trying to get over “limited editions”

This is in response to the thread in WUS with the same subject title.

Lots of amazing watches have been produced the past few years, however I cringe everytime I see the words “limited edition” on the case. I know it’s just a cheezy marketing ploy, but it ruins a watch for me. Not really sure exactly why it bugs me so much, but I Wish I could get over it.

Personally, i don’t mind it at all, limited edition (LE) usually comes with perks or difference enough to lure sales for it. No reason for watch brand to release a LE but fail to “market” it to the market.

Now, lets look at what is the usual LE perks that we often seen:

  • Limited Quantity
  • Numbering
  • Aesthetic differences

I see them all valid perks and i am for one really happy to pay the price if it like it. Among the three perks i stated above, i see the aesthetic as the most important overall. If you don’t fall in love with the looks of it, regardless of how limited it is will not get my sales. Limited quantity and numbering is kinda ok, but still, we all love pretty / handsome watch.

One thing i really hate is for crowd sourcing brand to churn out every now and then LE watch without substance. Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) does not automatically turn the watch as LE.

One of the best correspondence i have seen so far is by member NightOwl, he said:

Have you ever regretted not buying a LE watch?

If the answer is no, then there is nothing to get over. You made the right choice if you haven’t looked back.

If the answer is yes, and there are watches you like and didn’t buy, and in hindsight wished you had bought (but can’t buy now because they’re sold out or increased in value to a point where you’re no longer comfortable spending the money) then just go ahead and buy the next LE watch you find enticing. Best way to get over something is to jump right and go for it. What’s the worse that can happen? You don’t like it and resell it. Either way, valuable insight on your personal buying preferences.

To me, i totally agreed. I am lucky to have purchase the Stowa Blackforest back then, a LE where i have waited for more than a year due to delay by Stowa. If i am given chance to turn back time and go back to the time when it first announce for pre-ordered, i would have pre-order in a heartbeat. Its simply stunning.

Some of the buyer in the end given choice of a DLC (need to wait) or Stainless steel case.I am actually kicking myself now for failing to secure one of the Stainless steel Blackforest, i could have contacted Stowa to check whether they have any leftover or extra.

So when it comes to the second LE available – Stowa Flieger Blue Watchtime Edition, at first i struggle to commit because i am really not a fan of having date function on a flieger dial. But the real life pictures of the LE really make me think twice. Its beautifully sunburst blue, like non of the other Stowa before. In fact, it is the only blue dial Stowa available now. So yes, in the end, i jump into the bandwagon and ordered one.(Still waiting for the watch to deliver as at the time of writing, delay due to parts issue).

Still, will i regret over my decision? Not likely. Am i glad? Yes, especially when i saw IWC announce their Mark XVIII ‘Le Petit Prince’ LE and its price, i am pleased.


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