Why you want to be a Stowaristi?

Table of Content & TLDR
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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Stowaristi?
3.0 Why Stowa?
3.1 Stowa History
3.2 Jorg Schauer
3.3 Value for Money
3.4 Excellent Service & Engaging Community

3.5 Modern Stowa & its future
4.0 Conclusion
5.0 References

1.0 Introduction

If you have never heard of the German watch brandSTOWA GmbH & Co.KG, then very likely you are not one of the Watchuseek.com seasoned forum reader.

Extract from Watchuseek.com:

Watchuseek, one of the web’s most visited watch sites and the world’s #1 watch forum. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a start from scratch newbie, Watchuseek has something to entertain, inform, educate and almost definitely irritate you to the point of wanting to sign up and shout about it on our lively, incredibly comprehensive forum.

  • Frequent reader of the forum will no doubt familiar with the brand for it being one of the favorite brands among watch enthusiast.
  • Ever wonder why everyone keep suggesting and recommending Stowa to you every time you asked for opinion?
  • Ever wonder why Stowa owner swear to the brand and keep talking good thing about it?
  • Ever wonder why Ex-Stowa watch owner usually have remorse and regret selling their Stowa?
  • If you are interested or mildly curious about the brand – Stowa, then read on, I will share with you more about the brand and the cult.

2.0 Stowaristi?

Much like how Ferrari enthusiast in Italy called themselves as “Ferraristi”, as well as how Panerai enthusiast called themselves “Paneristi”, Stowaristi, is a small but engaging community.form by a group of Stowa enthusiast.

3.0 Why Stowa?

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider to be a Stowaristi:

3.1 Stowa History

Stowa was founded by Walter Storz on year 1927, and go on to become the original five flieger manufacturer for Luftwaffe, Germany’s Air Force:

Quote from Monochrome-watches.com:

Five manufacturers – four German and one Swiss – supplied the B-Uhren. In Germany, A. Lange & Söhne, Wempe, Lacher & Company/Durowe (Laco), and Walter Storz (Stowa) produced the watch. Wempe and Stowa used Swiss movements; Wempe settled on the Thommen cal. 31, and Stowa used the Unitas cal. 2812. Lange used its big cal. 48 and then its cal. 48.1, and Laco used its (Durowe) cal. 5 – the only two companies to use in-house German movements…… These five companies were the only ones to make the B-Uhr.”
“The B-Uhr was designed when Germany began to reequip its military, specifically the Luftwaffe, but few knew what aggression the watch would serve. Bred to equip the military navigator, the B-Uhr remains a marvel of clean design and simplicity.

This marked the start of the popular B-Uhren Type B dial and subsequently Type A design.
Stowa popularity ride heavily on its history and association with Flieger and Aviation. The modern era of Stowa started when Jörg Schauer took over STOWA and all trademark rights from Werner Storz (son of Walter Storz) on 1996.

3.2 Jorg Schauer

Mr Jorg Schauer, is the current owner of Stowa brand.


From schauer-germany.com:

1990, at the age of 22, Jörg Schauer becomes an independent watchmaker. His target is to manufacture high-class wrist watches which combine demanding technical solutions with exceptional design.

At the beginning, this target is achieved by constructing timepieces to the ideals of competent customers – the cases are manily made of gold or platinum. But soon he also starts to create watches pleasing his personal taste. Within 5 years more than 400 watches are made; they sell worldwide and make entrance into many collections.

1995 he carries out his plan to establish the brand “Jörg Schauer” in Engelsbrand/Black Forest, and presents the first collection. Trademark is a twelvefold screwed on bezel.

So why is he important?

Because he is an award winning watchmaker. Whereas he is also the brain of the brand, so it says a lot about the future and design concept / language of the brand.

He is also the current owner of Durowe movement, a movement founded in 1933 by Erich Lacher. Erich was the son of Frieda Lacher, the co-founder of the German watch maker Lacher & Co (“LACO”).

He is also the current owner of Durowe movement, a movement founded in 1933 by Erich Lacher. Erich was the son of Frieda Lacher, the co-founder of the German watch maker Lacher & Co (“LACO”).

While purist or critics of the brand will say Stowa’s history is no longer relevant after it change ownership when Jorg Schauer took over, but when most of the luxury watch brands in the world are now own by gigantic watch/luxury conglomerate, I do not see how it matter. Rather, it is a blessing for Stowa to falls into the hand of an award winning watchmaker.

3.3 Value for Money

Under the leadership of Mr Jorg Schauer, Stowa range of watches satisfy all type of customers and carry its own weight among watch enthusiast.

Quote from Monochrome-watches.com:

“Stowa, now owned by watchmaker Jörg Schauer, offers a nice homage to the B-Uhr in a dressier version……The case is polished, the movement decorated, visible through a transparent case back, and the 40mm size is the smallest of this group. They also offer a date window option. Stowa makes a fine watch, but be prepared to wait for its arrival – demand far exceeds production.”

Stowa mostly known to be “value for money” in the category of watches cost below EUR 1,000 and EUR 1,000 – 1,500.


Since around 2001/02, STOWA has sold the majority of its watches directly to the customer, through its website or from its factory in Engelsbrand. STOWA claim this allows them to keep their distribution costs down.


The high demand and low capacity also means a very long queue time before your watch get assemble and delivered. Do note that Stowa watch is not ready made, and only build after payment, usually around 1-2 months after the order, and take another 1 month for delivery.

The old timer will brag about the old times where it took around 3-6 months for a watch to deliver, but credit to Stowa that they have now increases their capacity and reduce the queue time to a merely 2-4 weeks.


This is often a welcome news for watch enthusiast who are looking for a “beginner” or a simple starter watch.

Also, Stowa is fairly popular in the pre-loved market, as its pre-loved value is well sustain and often well demanded.

This is partly due to the long “signature” queuing time for buying new, but also perhaps it is so well regarded among the community that, the demand is always there.

Pricing wise, Stowa has increased their prices at multiple interval throughout the past few years along with most of the watch companies out there. In return, Stowa now provide more value for its cost. While the difference of value vs money has shrink compare with the past, Stowa is still highly value for what it cost in the competitive market.

For its price, Stowa Flieger is always at the forerunner of any opinion poll when go against its competition (mainly Laco & Archimede). Whereas, Stowa Antea, a dressier model is often being compare with Nomos (another watch company which is offering similar design watch but with more variant and higher end than Antea)

One of the other talking point for Stowa Flieger, some model of Antea and its Marine range is perhaps the use of the heated blue hands by Universo, which is regarded high in quality and beautiful to look at. See picture below for Blue hands.


Including the Flieger and Antea, at present, Stowa has several model lines:

  • Antea: Replica of an original STOWA design from the 1930s.
  • Chronograph: Chronograph models based on historic pocket watch designs.
  • Flieger (Pilot): Homage to the original Beobachtungsuhren (B-Uhr) design.
  • Marine: Based on the marine chronometers used in navigation.
  • Partitio: Bauhaus design inspired watch sold exclusively through Manufactum retail stores. This is also a replica of a STOWA design from the 1930s.
  • Prodiver/Seatime: Sports diving watches that are water resistant to 1000m/300m. The dial and hand design of these are inspired by vintage STOWA Seatimes.
  • Flieger & Antea Comptemporary – A more modern design of the Flieger and Antea series.
  • Rana: A watch inspired by designer Hartmut Esslinger with its retro, innovative shapes, matching contemporary apparel for both genders and a connection between STOWA’s roots and the German Bauhaus design.
Partitiorubrik_ENFliegercontemporaryrubrik_ENAnteacontemporaryrubrik_EN_neuSeatimerubrik_ENRanarubrik_EN_neu3.4 Excellent Service & Engaging Community

Stowa have its official forum at Jörg Schauer & STOWA.

Stowa communication has been direct and transparent via its forum and its social media accounts. Jorg Schauer often communicate directly with its customers, which is not something we often seen from owner of Watch Company. From time to time, Stowa also organize guided factory tours for group of visitors.


One of the most talk about differentiator for Stowa against other online watch brand is its Excellent Service. Stowa ensure ongoing after sales service as one of their core competencies. Stowa is very engaging and effective in its customer service in helping solving the problem or fixing / services your watches. Service recovery is perhaps one of the stronger point for Stowa as they keep atrracting good vibe from all kind of customers.

Besides service and recovery, Stowa also give opportunity to do minor customisation to your order, e.g. a different crown, a different seconds hand etc. Depending on the request, but Stowa will usually attend to your customisation if resources available (parts, time etc).

3.5 Modern Stowa & its future

The future for Stowa as a brand is an exciting one. This is empirical from their launches of the contemporary range models E.g. Rana, Antea B2B, TO2, Flieger Sport etc to company the classic models.

The future is even more excited once Stowa incorporate Durowe movement into its range.

So, what future hold for Stowa?

Stuffler,Mike, the moderator for Stowa & German Watches forum at watchuseek.com:

“Well, the current contemporary portfolio is a consistent further development of “all the progress we owe to those who do not adapt” (Jörg Schauer). The new building (2012) already was a hint……The clean lines and materials, the favorite material of Jörg Schauer being stainless steel, suggested a future trend, a sound change towards “modernizing” the portfolio, not neglecting the achievements and tradition of Stowa. The new logo was another hint of changes to come. All in all the right move, for the time to come Stowa will stay attractive for the die-hard Stowaristi and new customers as well.”
 4.0 Conclusion

It’s either you love it or hate it, Stowa is like a cult and it is hard to explain why so many watch enthusiast join the cult and swear by it.

Join as a Stowaristi now and growth together with the brand.

5.0 References

About – watchuseek.com
Jörg Schauer & STOWA

 Pictures courtesy of Stowa

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  1. Hi, do you mind if giving me some advise on a piece of preowned stowa I encountered earlier today? Thanx in advance

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