What i have – Stowa

For starter, Stowa was founded by Walter Storz on year 1927, and go on to become the original five flieger manufacturer for Luftwaffe, Germany’s Air Force. Stowa popularity ride heavily on its history and association with Flieger and Aviation. The modern era of Stowa started when Jörg Schauer took over STOWA and all trademark rights from Werner Storz (son of Walter Storz) on 1996.

Stowa is big for me, its value for what it cost and have the potential to grow. I have been looking for a more refine watches (vs my Orient and Makara) back then. It need to be within my budget and low profile. That is when i come across this brand via forums recommendation and tons of reading. Then, the rest is history.

I am now owning 7 Stowa and pending for 1 more to reach me.

To give you an idea of what i have in the box: starting from Top Left: A Stowa Flieger A dial (No logo No date); Stowa Exima; Stowa Flieger Original (Without Small Seconds); Stowa Flieger B dial; Stowa TO1; Stowa GMT (Lime); and lastly Stowa Flieger Black Forest LE. There will be one more coming anytime soon: Stowa Flieger Watchtime LE

In the coming post, i will repost some of my write up and comments from my participation at Watchuseek forum. This will hopefully give more insights into my buying decisions.



3 thoughts on “What i have – Stowa

    1. Hi tmkam, ya only can buy online. Red Army do have their limited version of Stowa but they are not Stowa AD. Stowa currently only have a shop in Japan and only certain model sell at certain shop at German. For more information, feel free to text me.

      1. Thanks for the update and probably please share the shop information in Germany if you have

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