What i have – Makara & Maranez

So then, due to my budget, i have to look at microbrand, and back then there is this Canada new startup name “Makara” and they released their bronze watch call “Octopus”. Its a dive watch, and yes, i dive into it.

Off course to follow up, back then, i also bought the Makara Sea Turtle and Maranez Rawai to pair with my Octopus. First pic below show the Makara Octopus when first arrived, second pic show the Makaras and Maranez watch head listed side by side, the third pic is the unboxing pic of Maranez Rawai; and the fourth pic is where the current state of the Makara Octopus, yes i peeled off the Octopus bezel. And the last pic is the current state of Makara Sea Turtle. As at currently, i have sold off the Rawai and only left with the Makaras duo.


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